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May 2024
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Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora EOOD

 Str.” Dr. Todor Stojanovic” № 15, phone 042/627 125, fax 042/600959

The Oncology Center in Stara Zagora began its history in 1956 with the opening of the first cancer surgery based on the premises of the Ist Clinic.In 1964 a facility for cancer patients opend its doors.In 1976  additional building was built and the Center started working as an independent hospital – Regional Cancer Center. In November 2000  the center has been restructured as a company  “Inter-Oncology Center with a hospital – Stara Zagora” .

Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora  serves the population of 15 municipalities of Stara Zagora and Sliven districts with a total number of 569,897. In the field of radiation therapy we prowide services to patients of the region of Haskovo Oncology Dispensary. Regarding the complex treatment of cancer. Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora serves the population of Haskovo, Kardjali, Yambol and Bourgas areas.

The structure of the Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora is built in compliance with the regulations of the functional block principle as follows:

Consultation Diagnostic Unit involving 11  consultation offices, including : Preventative surgery, Nuclear Medicine Department for imaging; Patomorfology and Cytology laboratory and Clinical Laboratory.

Stationary Block has 7 sections: Radiological, Surgical, Dermatological, Gynecological, Chemotherapy, ENT Department, Anesthesiology – resuscitation department and Operational Unit with 3 surgical rooms.

The center has its own hospital pharmacy, licensed for use with opiates.

Annually Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora provides inpatient care to 6600 patients , and for dispensary observation to more than 42,690 .

Traditionally, COC – Stara Zagora regularly conclude a collective agreement between employers and trade unions legitimate, certified by the Labour Inspectorate.

In accordance with the regulations for safety, the requirements of medical standards, proposals and decisions of the committee on labor conditions the center regularly provides clothing, personal protective equipment and glasses for those working with computers .A daily control  is carried out in places with ionizing radiation to provide the necessary protective food and vitamins.The lightings and the  air conditioners were recently renewed. For those working in the dispensary we provide an annual influenza vaccine.

Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora , has a permission for carrying out medical activity № KOTS – 46/20.12.2010 issued by  Ministry of Health in the following activities:

  • To discover, diagnose and treat individuals with cancer;
  • Periodic monitoring, counseling and follow-up of patients with cancer and precancerous;
  • Registration and clinical examination of patients with cancer and precancerous;
  • Establishing and maintaining a cancer registry to the area of ​​the serving area and the needs of the National Cancer Registry;
  • Promotion and prevention of cancer;
  • Public awareness on the problems of cancer;
  • Expertise and advice in the field of oncology and medical oncology;
  • Research in oncology;
  • Conducting clinical and therapeutic trials in medical oncology;
  • Implementation of comprehensive training and specialization in  medical oncology and radiation treatment and care;
  • Carrying out consultations on the problems of cancer in the area served;
  • Carrying out prevention and screening programs for cancer.

 Medical specialties :

-Medical Oncology



-Obstetrics and Gynecology

-Skin and Venereal Diseases




-Nuclear Medicine

-Clinical Laboratory

-General and Clinical Pathology

-Anesthesiology and Intensive Care