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May 2024
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ORGANIZATION OF ACTIVITIES FOR PATIENTS AND TAKE dispensary observation of diseased of malignant neoplasms

In Diagnostic and consulting BLOCK

Article 20 For the diagnosis and treatment Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora is adopted:

A. Compulsorily insured patients, provided that the order is complied referred to in Article 21 of the Regulation on access of health insured persons to hospitals, adopted by Decree № 206/1999 of MS.

2. Provided health insurance companies in voluntary patients provided that the voluntary health insurance company has a contract with Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora.

3. Uninsured patients or those who have not complied with the procedure referred to in item 1 of the Ordinance, provided they have completed a written statement to directly pay for medical care. Cancer patients are exempt from payment procedures approved by the Bulgarian legislation.

4. Patients – foreign nationals, guaranteed source of payment.

Article 21/1 / Taking patients to hospital treatment is performed in diagnostic and consultative offices of diagnostic-advisory unit, which through refinement based on criteria of urgency and emergency patients:

A. be taken immediately;

2. included in the “waiting list”, which is planned date of admission;

3. returned when no indications for hospitalization of their posters hospitals and GPs with guidelines for treatment in outpatient setting.

/ 2 / On the day of admission by the visiting doctor – consultation office or place shall appoint:

A. completing the required medical documentation;

2. carry out the necessary diagnostic tests in cases of emergency and appropriate medical treatment;

3. full or partial sanitization as strictly regulated to comply with the Rules of procedure Organisation traffic flow and hospitalization.

/ 3/Planovata hospitalization is performed:

1.Ezhednevno excluding weekends and holidays;

2 After the submission of coupon-direction by the hospital phased medical history, a set of clinical, paraclinical and imaging;

3.Patsientite be adopted by physicians on duty in the reception room of the hospital;

4. Specialist’s office has the discretion and decision to accept the patient for inpatient care;

5. When planning the hospitalization, the patient is informed of the date of admission;

6. Denial of hospitalization of patients referred by medical direction shall be allowed when receiving physician determines that there is no indication for treatment in inpatient unit. The doctor made a refusal, the reasons recorded in writing and notify the hospital, medical direction issued to adopt, with appropriate recommendations for treatment.

7. The refusal of the patient to be admitted to hospital after informing him of the need for specialist, the inclusion in the waiting list or refused to be included in it, and refusing to continue the process started staying in the hospital must be documented in writing to signature or other mark initialization of the patient.

Article 22/1 / and dispensary Registration is held every cases of malignant neoplasm with a current address in the area served Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora

/ 2 / persons with benign, precancerous, and carcinoma in situ formed a separate group and are followed up to one year after treatment.

/ 3 / Periodic monitoring, tracking of patients with cancer and precancerous be carried out by the specialist profile of the disease, according to guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with malignancies.

/ 4 / active monitoring of patients is beneficial to the patient and continues until the end of his life.


ORGANIZATION diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation activities in BLOCK STATIONARY

Article 23/1 / The organization of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation activities in each compartment of the stationary Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora is performed by the department head responsible for:

A. planning, organization and control of the overall medical activities, including and implementing the provisions of Article 19 and Article 24 to Article 30 of these Rules;

2. preparation of job descriptions of employees in the division and control of the saved in their rights, obligations and responsibilities;

3. information activities in the ward;

4. economic efficiency of the compartment;

5. organization of activities of specialized doctors in specialties and facilities regulated annually by the Minister of the Ministry of Health.

6. preparation of internal rules of procedure of the Boards

/ 2 / In the organization, conduct and control the activities of para 1 head compartment is supported by:

A. Intern and senior specialists with higher medical and medical education

2. Nurse to:

 general and specific patient care

 implementation of synchronized clock schedule up of patients – toilet, breakfast, preparing for rounds, making medical appointments, lunch, recreation, visits, preparation for the afternoon rounds, dinner, sleep, etc..

 hygiene and anti-epidemic rules by staff and patients.

 supply the department with hospital linen, supplies, dizinfektanti and other materials needed to sustain exemplary hospital life.

3. College consisting of all medical specialists with higher and medical education and nurse who consulted the Department of Head:

a / compilation of the annual plan and report on overall activities of the department.

b / necessary changes in the organization of diagnostic and therapeutic activities and care for the sick, their coordination and optimization in medical and economic terms.

in / organizing postgraduate workers in the ward.

/ 3 / college under paragraph 2 item 3 shall meet once a month and is chaired by the Head of Department. The meetings are minuted.

Article 24 Prior to surgery patients must be tested for:

A. kravnogrupova affiliation

2. required clinical and laboratory diagnostic and functional minimum

3. hypersensitivity to the anesthetic agents used;

4. Degree of operational risk in ASA.

Article 25 Any type of surgery and anesthesia, leading to a temporary change in consciousness takes place with the consent of the patient or his legal representative.

Article 26/1 / Patients treated Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora entitled:

A. To be informed of the nature of their disease for purposes of necessary investigation and treatment, the reasons requiring hospitalization and the measures which should be conducted to prevent recurrences and complications;

2. To accept or reject their proposed treatment;

3. Be familiar with the Rules of internal order in the compartment in which it treated;

4. Be promptly investigated and treated using modern methods and tools, and supporting care to be taken with due skill, care and respect;

5. To ensure confidentiality of data on disease status;

6. To benefit from the support of family and loved ones during hospitalization;

7. To keep in touch with life outside the hospital by providing them the opportunity to telephone communications and visits according to the rules of procedure.

/ 2 / For those who have not completed 18 years of age or under guardianship, the rights under paragraph 1 shall be claimed by their legal representatives.

Article 27/1 / Patients treated Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora shall:

A. To assist doctors and other medical and support staff for the timely conduct of research, treatment and attendant care.

2. To apply the necessary attention and respect to staff Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora.

3. To observe the house rules

4. To respect the rights of other patients

/ 2 / obligations under paragraph 1 of the under 18 years of age and placed under guardianship due by them insofar as they understand the nature and significance of actions and can guide them.

Article 28/1 / diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation activities are carried out using modern methods of examination and treatment.

/ 2 / Special clinical – laboratory imaging – diagnostic, nuclear – magnetic resonance imaging, functional – diagnostic tests and clinical ones, requiring consultation with other overlapping disciplines of hospital specialists are conducted on a contractual basis to other hospitals.

Article 29 Medical specialists Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora explain adequately the patient or his legal representative nature of the disease, the volume of necessary diagnostic tests and treatment methods with the resulting risks and probable outcome.

Article 30 The Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora may not:

A. To carry out treatment activities that are not included or not in connection with the said Article 19 activity

2. Carry out diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation methods, tools and procedures that are not recognized by medical science or contradict the rules of good medical practice and medical standards.

Art.31 timeliness and consistency of diagnostic activities, treatment, rehabilitation and care for the sick as a guarantee for achieving high medical and economic efficiency is regulated by regulating the synchronized schedule as their implementation in departments and general hospital in centralized structures.



AT patient discharge

Article 32 hospitalized in Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora patient appears in:

A. Completion of treatment or when it may continue in outpatient conditions at the discretion of the department head.

2. Voleizyava the patient, and when he is at least 18 years of age or under guardianship – voleizyava by his legal representative, except as permitted by the laws of the country cases.

3. Gross violations of obligations to the patient referred to in Article 27 of these Regulations, unless he is capable of threatening his life.

33/1 / spelling of the patient compartment he was in treatment, medical history prepared in triplicate: the patient to the hospital for outpatient or general practitioner where the patient is registered for “oncology package” or leaves “History of the disease.”

/ 2 / The type of oncology medical history and its attributes are approved by order of the Governor;

/ 3 / If necessary, active surveillance or further treatment of the patient in an outpatient or home setting that is explicitly recorded in epicrisis.

34 In writing of the winner of the microbial agents causing acute and chronic infectious diseases ward quickly sends notice to the HEI-Stara Zagora and the relevant hospital of residence of the patient.

Article 35 When writing to a patient whose condition requires attendant compartment organized surrender of his relatives if the patient has reached age 18 or under custody, he passed his legal representative.



SURRENDER OF TRUNK deceased patients

Article 36/1 / The body of a deceased patient stays in the hospital room of the ward two hours in passing the necessary care to maintain its appearance.

/ 2 / After the time specified in paragraph 1, the carcass is sent to the dissecting room of the pathological department in LZBP which has a contract with IZ, predautopsionna cancer and medical history file.

/ 3 / If death occurs at night and an autopsy will be performed the next day, on duty staff take statutory measures to appropriately store the body of the deceased until autopsy.

/ 4 / When the corpse is subject to forensic examination, pathological autopsy is not performed and it is sent to the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Hospital “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich” JSC – Stara Zagora, together with the documents referred to in paragraph 2.

37 attending physician on duty or Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora, established the death filled “Notice of Death” in duplicate to send the officer for civil status in the municipality of residence.

Article 38/1 / of the deceased in a hospital Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora autopsy must be made;

/ 2 / The Exceptions are allowed with the permission of the Manager, only in case of a duly substantiated request of relatives with a resolution of the Division Chief that the patient is not a diagnostic problem and cause of death is unambiguously clear.

Article 39/1 / The body is transmitted to the next by a physician in pathology department after providing “A death certificate” issued by the municipality

/ 2 / The order of transmission of the carcasses shall be determined by order of the Governor.



Article 40/1 / internal order Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora is determined by these Rules, adopted by the Medical Board.

/ 2 / Organisation for early detection and prevention of nosocomial infections, and measures to eradicate them shall be governed by rules agreed with the HEI – Stara Zagora and approved by the Manager of Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora.

Article 41/1 / Sterilization of operational linen, instruments, bandages, invasive diagnostic tools and utensils for eating, is done by approved by HEI-Stara Zagora sterilization technique.

/ 2 / Methods and tools for current and final disinfection and procedures for implementing the rules of asepsis and antisepsis are determined by a written instruction to the Manager, in consultation with HEI-Stara Zagora.

Article 42/1 / The order of transcription of medication storage and sdavane and how to keep appropriate documentation shall be determined by order of the governor.

/ 2 / In the procedure room of each unit is equipped emergency medicine cabinet.

Article 43 The feeding of patients and procedures for importation of food from their relatives is governed by an order of the Governor ..

Article 44 Workers in Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora undertake:

A. Observe established in Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora anti hygiene rules and technical requirements, fire and radiation safety.

2. To show solidarity with each other, and high culture in their dealings with patients.

3. To protect medical confidentiality, except in cases provided by law.