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June 2024
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Structuraly the Complex Oncology Center – Stara Zagora is built in accordance with Section 26 b paragraph 3 of the Law on hospitals and consists of:

I. Diagnostic – Advisory Unit:

1.Diagnostics – consulting rooms:

- Registry

- Surgical

- Medical Oncology

- Gynaecology

- Dermatological


- Radiation therapy

- Preventive – Diagnostic

- Preanesteziology

2. Unit registration and prevention of cancer

Working hours with patients from 7.30 AM  to 13.30PM .

Phone Registry of making appointments – 042/614 196

ІІ.Clinical laboratory

III. Wards without beds:

- Division “Nuclear Medicine”

- Division “Imaging”

- Ward “Clinical Pathology”

IV. Wards with beds – Stationary block “COC-Stara Zagora”  includes the following sections:

1.Medical Oncology

2.Surgical department


4. Gynecological Oncology

5.ENT Cancer

6.Dermatological Oncology

7.Anesthesia and Intensive Care

8.Surgery support unit

V. Pharmacy

Phone – 042/258 101

VІ.Administrating – business unit

Phone and fax: 042/600 959.


Diagnostic Unit and consulting rooms for registration and maintenance of cancer

Head of Department                                                                          Dr. Diana Kirova
Gastroenterologist                                                                             Dr. Ivan Nikov
Senior Nurse                                                                                          Dr. Tinka Damyanova
Clinical Laboratory
Head of Department                                                                          Dr. Vania Dincheva
Clinical laboratory                                                                              Dr. Habib Tsonka
Senior nurse                                                                                           Donka Dobreva
Department Nuclear Medicine
Head of Department                                                                           Dr. Zlatko Rusev
Nuclear Medicine Physician                                                           Dr. Sonya Boeva
Nuclear medicine Physician                                                          Dr. Denise Penkova
Nuclear medicine Physician                                                           Dr. Diana Gesheva
Chemist                                                                                                    Denka Parusheva
Senior nurse                                                                                          Lilia Salparova
Ward imaging
Head of Department                                                                           Dr. Ivan Yonkov
Physician radiologist                                                                         Dr. Tenko Shunanov
Physician radiologist                                                                        Dr. Nenko Nenchev
Head of Laboratory                                                                           Yordanka Kalvacheva
Clinical Pathology Department
Department Head                                                                               Dr. Kostadin Dimitrov
General physician in pathology                                                   Dr. Emilia Kaneva
Biologist                                                                                                R. Gospodinova
Head of Laboratory                                                                          Tatiana Petrova
Medical Oncology Department
Head of Department                                                                         Dr. R. Ilieva
Oncologist                                                                                             Dr. Tatyana Todorova
Oncologist                                                                                             Dr. Christo Murdzhev
Oncologist                                                                                             Dr. Pavel Totev
Oncologist                                                                                             Dr.Trendafila Dimova
Senior nurse                                                                                          Maria Todorova
Surgical ward
Head of Department                                                                          Dr. Angel Dimov
Surgeon                                                                                                   Dr. Nikolay Arabadzhiev
Urology Physician                                                                              Dr. Peter Petrov
Senior nurse                                                                                          Rosica Dimitrova
Radiotherapy Department
Head of Department                                                                           Dr. Aneta Borisova
Radiotherapy doctor                                                                         Dr. Neda Kostova
Radiotherapy doctor                                                                         Dr. Ivan Panayotov
Physician                                                                                                Dr. Galina Valcheva
Physicist                                                                                                 Evdokia Kostova
Physicist                                                                                                 Desislava Aleksandrova
Physicist                                                                                                  Anton Trendafilov
Senior nurse                                                                                          Krassimira Ivanova
Oncological Gynecology Department
Head of Department                                                                          Dr. Zhelcho Zhelev
Physician Obstetrics and Gynecology                                       Dr. Christo Tamnev
Physician Obstetrics and Gynecology                                       Dr. Peter Mishev
Senior nurse                                                                                          Krasimira Eneva
Department ENT Cancer
Head of department                                                                          Dr. Ivan Drinkov
ENT diseases physician                                                                    Dr. Georgi Stoyanov
ENT diseases physician                                                                    Dr. Krassimir Markov
Senior nurse                                                                                          Denka Petrova